Alkaline – “New Level Unlocked”

Hard not to indulge in any long chattings when you’ve been eager for a release with some substance to decorticate, but here’s trying. Unapologetically boasy, stylistically versatile, literary at heart, Alkaline – who has steady grown a faithful following – pretty much killed the game this Spring with a critically and popularly acclaimed debut album release topped off by, cherry on the cake, a deck of single tracks none-too-shabby themselves. “New Level Unlocked”, if fueled with strength and youthful arrogance, captures too damn well the blasé boredom of a yute too damn real in a world too damn shallow. Lo-fi textures, R’N’B riffs and a verse pleasantly flirting with the beat are only some of the sounds spicing up this candidly egocentric first full-length effort by a young artiste whom we’re sure not done being impressed by. A favorite? “Told You I Was Right”. Because one, told you I was right, and two, boy, that guitar.. 


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